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Brand & Vision

“Our approach provides any individual the pathway to total mind, body, and spirit transformation. RCfitness was established in 2016 with the vision of creating a community of positive like minded individuals who want to become “People Transformed”. We teach the essential lifestyle habits that will ultimately cultivate your success in reaching your goals. You will be given the communication/accountability to remain on task, and knowledge to stay healthy while taking a step forward everyday. We want individuals who are committed to long term studentship, and are open minded to developing the daily mindset and work ethic of self improvement. We strongly believe if you master your mind, body, and spirit, you will overcome any obstacle and succeed in every other aspect in life.”


Our one on one personal training and online programs are suitable for any fitness level. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to get started. While each program is individualized to a clients needs, there are certain core protocols used for all clients. With over 15 years of trial and error training experience as well as several years working with a wide range of clientele, below are the following methods I’ve found to be most sustainable and healthy for the individual.


All my clients diets follow a IIFYM or flexible dieting style. Every client is provided a base recommendation of daily protein, carb and fat intakes. Food choices are up to the discretion of my clients. However, I always advise sticking to mostly healthy/nutrient dense foods while leaving satisfying cravings in moderation. Suggestions for meal/supplement and nutrient timing are also provided, but not required.


The goal is to always keep cardio to a minimal as possible at all times. This is due to the metabolic and hormonal effects of the chronic dependence on cardio. The majority of time spent in the gym is focused on weight training. Although, both moderate and high intensity cardio will be utilized as needed.


Weight training is the core focus of most clients workouts. Programming is based upon the individuals schedule, fitness level, and goals. Programs lay out exercises, rep ranges, sets, info on weight selection, rest periods.


Our mission is to completely reinvent and transform your life by coaching and educating how to live in ways that support your ambitions. We are passionate about guiding our clients in their personal development. This is achieved through a unique strategy that includes a three point plan of priority, commitment, and mindful action.

“Choosing your health and fitness as priority is the first step in transformation. Maintaining this mindset through long term commitment and mindful action is when your goals surface as a reality.”

Richie Cialabrini | Founder, President, & CEO | Pro Natural Bodybuilder


Step 1: Apply now

First, you will fill out and submit a fitness application. Basic information such as past and current fitness level, injuries, health issues, and of course goals. Upon reviewing your form, I will assess where you should start your journey of transformation.

Step 2: Pick your transformation

People transformed “next level” plans:

  • People transformed kickstart

  • $50/mo
    • 4 week pre outlined plan to give you the jump start you need. This is not tailored for individuals. Basic plan for beginners, intermediate, advanced.

  • Level II

  • $100/mo
    • Monthly updated workouts
    • Beginner/intermediate/advanced
    • Weekly check in

  • Level III

  • $150/mo
    • Direct access to coach
    • Schedule monthly live video calls
    • Regular check ins/progress monitoring
    • Unlimited communication
    • Nutrition
    • Supplementation

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Success Stories...

Take a look at some of the people transformed I’ve been able to take part in their journey over the years. My clients range from as young as 14 - 70 yrs of age. All with a wide range of experience levels and goals.