Online Training

Online Training

While each program is individualized to a clients needs, there are certain core protocols used for all clients. With over a decade of trial and error training experience as well as several years working with a wide range of clientele, below are following methods I’ve found to be most sustainable and healthy for the individual:​


All my clients diets follow a IIFYM or flexible dieting style. Every client is provided a base recommendation of daily protein, carb and fat intakes. Food choices are up to the discretion of my clients. However, I always advise sticking to mostly healthy/nutrient dense foods while leaving satisfying cravings in moderation. Suggestions for meal/supplement and nutrient timing are also provided, but not required.


The goal is to always keep cardio to a minimal as possible at all times. This is due to the metabolic and hormonal effects of of chronic dependence on cardio. The majority of time spent in the gym is focused on weight training. Although, both moderate and high intensity cardio will be utilized as needed.

Strength Training

Weight training is the core focus of most clients workouts. Programming is based upon the individuals schedule, fitness level, and goals. Programs lay out exercises, rep ranges, sets, info on weight selection, rest periods.

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Success Stories...

Take a look at some of the people transformed I’ve been able to take part in their journey over the years. My clients range from as young as 14 - 70 yrs of age. All with a wide range of experience levels and goals.